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About Us

Growing Businesses Foundation (GBF) is a grant-receiving nonprofit organization that has built Nigeria’s largest bottom of the pyramid Network. We are the symbol of transformation and we seek to inspire vulnerable people and well-intentioned organizations toward a sustainable future.

Focus Area

Social Impact Campaigns

GBF leans into the voice-for-good ideology, in doing so, we become a force for growth. We lead long term call-to-actions on issues to stimulate behavioural, institutional or policy change.

Entreprenuership Programs

We are committed To advocating for entrepreneurship as the key to accelerating Nigeria’s social and economic development.

GBF Plasticonomy

To solve big problems like climate change, waste, and pollution, GBF has partnered with global organisations to drive our vision for a sustainable and circular economy leveraging technology.

GBF launched the Empowering Collectors Initiative in collaboration with the Coca-Cola Foundation, with the sole aim of mopping up solid waste from the environment with the use of technology: Market Linkage System.
Under the project Shakti, GBF empowered 1,000 of the poor rest households in southeast and southwestern states in Nigeria. The project was named ‘Gbemiga’ and ‘mbuli’ respectively, which means to ‘lift up'
GBF unveiled the Teenagers Growing Business Club with the unique value of providing business mentors from across different industries.
In collaboration with the Bank Of Industry and the National Youth Service Corp, GBF implemented a training program for 1000 Youth Corpers with interest in Entrepreneurship.

Our Partners

We’ve partnered with over 20 institutions across Private and Public sectors as well as
International development agencies.

Audited by KPMG and PWC

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