Social Causes

Growing Businesses Foundation (GBF) as a grant-receiving organization that has built Nigeria’s largest bottom of the pyramid Network. We are the symbol of transformation and we seek to inspire vulnerable people and well-intentioned organizations toward a sustainable future.


We partner with local, national and international institutions working to provide innovative solutions associated with social, economic and environmental challenges.

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Our Core Values

With a strong sense of responsibility to address the problems confronting humanity, whether acting on behalf of philanthropic individuals or companies, we promote empathy, hope and intentionality towards the plight of others.
Connecting proven processes, operational systems and strategic insight to delivering in an outstanding manner, consistently.
We believe that mutually beneficial relationships can be built through collaboration amongst companies, individuals, government and communities towards a more equitable and just society that promotes the prosperity of humanity.
We strive to be good steward of resources entrusted to us, openly accountable for our work, systematic in evaluating our effectiveness, professionals in managing funds and responsible in our outlays and overheads

Creating hope and shaping the aspirations of the less previledged people in our communities by building sustainable economic development led by socially responsible businesses and individuals.

To enhance collaboration amongst businesses, non profit organizations and governments, promoting the healthy economic development of communities and channel resources towards projects with sustainable wealth generating potentials.

‘Perhaps, it is not dreams and plans we lack as Nigerian people, but rather transparent policies, consultative action, and supportive execution. With this, we honour the human person, community, land and increase our collective economic and social impact’.