Growing Businesses Foundation combats poverty by enabling enterprise amongst the poorest people in Nigeria. We are a professional and dependable development intermediary, and a strong advocate for sustainable economic development serving those at the bottom of the economic pyramid.

Our Vision:

Sustainable economic development led by socially responsible businesses and individuals.

Our Mission:

To enhance collaboration amongst businesses, governments and non-profit organizations that creates opportunities to millions of people at the bottom of the pyramid (BOP) across Nigerian communities.

Growing Businesses Foundation was established in 1999 and has positioned itself as a leading platform in Nigeria providing capacity building, access to markets and access to finance to people at the Bottom of The Economic Pyramid (BoP) as a means to work their way out of poverty. We provide professionally managed innovative approaches to community development and value-chain expansion services to corporate entities looking to increase the effectiveness of their engagement with stakeholders at the BOP.

GBF has operations in more than 2300 communities across 36 states of Nigeria made possible through our head office in Lagos and offices in other locations in Nigeria. GBF has positively impacted the lives of well over 2 million Nigerians since its establishment. We have strategic linkages with over numerous local institutions including cooperatives, microfinance institutions/banks (MFIs/MFBs), and other rural financial intermediaries (RFIs), which enable our work in these communities.

GBF has managed microfinance investment portfolios exceeding N1Billion on behalf of private sector clients to start and grow micro-enterprises across Nigeria, and has provided capacity building and technical assistance services to more than 200,000 micro-entrepreneurs since establishment.