From Dreams to Reality: The Story Of 2,100 Women Connected To Work Through The ECI

Throwing away plastics after benefitting from its content comes as natural as breathing to many people. However, the theme of the Empowering Collectors Initiative is “Waste 4 Rewards”, and the conversation is leading women and youths to change the negative behavior into a business empowerment strategy.

It is no secret that these empowered Plastiprenuers are now intercepting the plastics before they cause environmental damage. We have connected more than 2,100 women plastipreneurs (who have recovered around 7.1million kgs or 284 million bottles) to our partner aggregators.


The ECI has been able to improve women’s earning capacity & livelihood such that they are able to build the financial capacity

to support their household and can afford to feed and send their children to school through a financing mechanism that ensures that the women plastipreneurs are not underpaid for their contribution and are paid in a timely manner.

Impact 2: We have built capacity for 10 aggregators to remove plastics from the environment by supporting them with a combined incremental processing power of ~15million kilograms or (600 million bottles) annually across 6 states (Lagos, Abuja, Oyo, Rivers, Enugu, and Kaduna state).

Horizontal and vertical balers, a complete washing line, a generating set, and floor scales are examples of the large-scale equipment provided to aggregators, which is excellent validation of the programme model and rapid growth to date. These tools make recycling plastics faster and easier, increasing the volume that can be processed while providing aggregators with a more seamless and innovative recycling experience.

By offering convenient recycling services in densely populated urban-rural neighbourhoods, the Empowering Collectors Initiative has improved socioeconomic development and community health in just 17 months. This programme gives households a chance to generate value from their waste and supplies a steady stream of raw materials to the domestic and global recycling sector.

Growing Businesses Foundation hopes to strengthen its commitment to supporting the informal business sector, nano businesses and local change agents who are passionate about their environment and creating long-lasting impact.

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