Our intervention and impact priorities as well as the businesses of our entrepreneurs play contributory roles towards the attainment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and Africa Union Agenda 2063.

One of the best solutions to end poverty and enjoy sustainable livelihood is the availability of resources: visionary and economic. It is based on this premise that GBF’s capacity building programs was birthed. GBF believes in empowering the underserved youths with skills acquisition programs like Growing Businesses Foundation Teens Club
Nigeria is facing food insecurity - meaning people are getting so little food and facing severe health complications as a result. GBF is creating a clear inter-linkage system between production, consumption, value chain towards safety, delivery and networks and waste management using.
Despite constituting half of the world population, women do not make up half of the world’s labour market.
Hence, GBF’s mandate in collaboration with MTN foundation (WES) is to empower women to increase their own self-reliance, to assert their independent right to make choices and to control resources. As such,the Women empowerment scheme (WES) will not only improve household welfare but will also positively impact the social and fiscal health of nations.
Many of Nigerians live on less than $10 a day yet they possess productive and entrepreneurial potential. GBF believes that through job creation and enterprise development like Guinness women empowerment project, poor communities can gain access to income-generating opportunities; their economic participation in the formal economy also helps to break the endemic cycle of poverty.
GBF has created the waste4reward as a technology for enhancing the work of the Empowering Collectors Initiative, administering the management of plastic waste. Currently, the application provides collection-tracking activities, secure data transactions, and an automatic reward system.
The final outcome is to push the existing boundaries and foster a greater degree of interaction and collaboration with the ECI participants to deliver an eco-friendly environment.
GBF in collaboration with Coca-Cola Foundation have created a 24 month program : Empowering Collectors Initiative designed to improve the largely informal plastic waste collection, aggregation and recycling process in Nigeria.

Plastics are recycled and can be used making fertilizer from food waste, clothes, arts and most importantly, as an effective means of job creation.
GBF in collaboration with CEIP ( circular Economic Innovation Partnership) are delivering advocacy programs, innovation challenges and incubation programs centered on circular economy strategies that can deliver big wins for climate change mitigation.
Partnership is one of the core values of Growing Businesses Foundation, we believe in mobilizing resources, sharing knowledge, promoting the creation and transfer of sound technologies, and building capacity. We work closely with international, regional and local organizations for the realization of set objectives. Our partners include MTN, Mobil, ACT Foundations, Coca Cola etc

Join us on this exciting journey as we change the Nigerian narrative by empowering people and contributing to its socio-economic development.

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