Navigating the ‘New Normal’ For Low income Communities in Nigeria

Funmi, a 54-year-old widow with four children living in the low-income area of western Nigeria lives on a daily wage. The two-week lockdown has forced her and her family into a state of fear as she looks for their next daily bread. She ponders leaving the house to sell her wares and bring some money back home but doing this leaves her and her children in a compromising situation of contracting the virus. They may die if they get it, they may also fall sick if they starve of food. What does Funmi do in a situation like this?

Creating opportunities in a normal world may entail developing new businesses, giving grants and loans or taking on new development projects as we have done tirelessly in our bid to combat poverty in Rural Nigeria. But things have changed. The pandemic has redefined what it means to create opportunities with the first and most important right now is staying alive. Funmi represents many women living in financially struggling homes across the country and the faster we can help them the better.

Survival is at the heart of any sustainability plan and now more than ever, we are committed to doing our part in ensuring beneficiaries of our programs are not left unprotected from the epidemic. We know a vaccine may take years, and in the meantime, we will need to find ways to make our societies function as safely as possible. And according to this article by the ‘Atlantic’, wearing a face mask could vastly stop the pandemic in its tracks. To achieve this aim, GBF has come up with a project to provide the women living in low-income communities with face masks and other necessary palliative needed to survive this pandemic and to cushion the effect of the recurring lockdown.

We also want to educate these women on the proper face-mask wearing techniques as well as the busting the myths surrounding the virus.

At the cost of 5000 per person, we will be able to provide these women like Funmi with face masks, staple food items and hand sanitizers. We implore you to consider being a part of this project by donating to us. Help save a life. Help preserve a generation. You can download this PDF for more information Download PDF

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