Project Shakti Expands to Kaduna

Over the past couple of months, Unilever Nigeria has leveraged the Shakti project to lift thousands of rural women out of poverty and get them to participate in the economic activities by providing income generating opportunities and also use their network to create hygiene awareness in the community.

So far, 2,000 women have been empowered across 60 local governments in 11 states reaching over 100,000 homes. The project has seen a 90% loan repayment rate and generated significant revenue for Unilever.

The train has moved to Kaduna where another set of 500 women will empowered in two different phases with Unilever loan-products worth 45,000 naira which they will repay without interest or collateral for six months. Over 18 Project Officers have been recruited and trained Sales Promoters (SPs); and each SP recruited 25 women each.