The Growing Businesses Foundation (GBF) 2017 updated profile provides an overview of GBF’s major project/programs for Women, Youth and the Bottom of the Pyramid stakeholder engagements; plus highlighting milestones and impact recorded over the last 18 years.

GBF builds individual and institutional competencies, provides project management best practices, capacity building and thought leadership to expand enterprise opportunities at Nigeria’s BoP. Our business streams are implemented under the following themes:

In enhancing, the growth of successful MSMEs, Growing Businesses Foundation over the last three (3) years has particularly focused on –

  • Women Empowerment through projects/projects
  • Youth Focused Initiatives and Interventions: Teenagers, Graduates, and Youth with the Bank of Industry (BoI); and
  • Stakeholder Engagements: Support focused advisory, programs’ design and deployment, consultative forums, Focused Group Discussions (FGDs), Baseline Surveys and Grassroots Intelligence for route to markets etc.
  • TGBC: Teenagers Growing Businesses Club