Shakti Women

A Shakti woman is one who is vested in the transformation of her life and the untold number of others. 



Currently, they are 10,280 SHAKTI women and the number is still on the increase.

2022 Empowerment

For 2022, they were a series of empowerment. In March 2022, 1000 women were empowered which included 500 women in Akwa Ibom, 300 women in Southern Kaduna, and 200 women in Plateau bringing the total number of women to 6000 women.

The  Shakti  women  are  currently  being supervised  by  240  Rural  Sales  Promoters (RSPs), 14 Regional Sales Officers (RSOs) and (ADMoN, across the states where Shakti is operating. Each RSP manages and supervises 45 women and 40 women in the South and North respectively.

Past Events