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The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, Nigeria (GAIN), launched the Strengthening Nutrition in Priority Staples (SNIPS) Project in Nigeria, in partnership with Growing Businesses Foundation with a focus on Kaduna and Benue states.

We are so proud of the GBF team for recruiting 1,151 households and 157 retailers across Kaduna and Benue states, thereby bringing forward innovations with the potential to contribute to smallholder farmer livelihoods and sustainable rural development.

Here’s a quick review of GBF Impact after few months into the program:

  1. Increased Interest in Vitamin A Yellow Maize Farming: Farmers have shown a remarkable shift in their attitudes towards Vitamin A yellow maize cultivation. There is now a heightened interest among local farmers to grow more Vitamin A yellow maize and seek additional seedlings. This demonstrates a growing awareness of the nutritional benefits and economic potential associated with this crop.
  2. Emergence of Maize Processing Retailers: An exciting development in is the emergence of retailers who have begun processing Vitamin A yellow maize into flour for sale. This indicates a growing entrepreneurial spirit and a recognition of the market demand for Vitamin A yellow maize products.
  3. Improved Consumer Awareness: A significant population of households in Kaduna and Benue can now confidently identify Vitamin A yellow maize. This increased awareness is a promising sign for the promotion of the nutritious crop
  4. Enhanced Farmer Knowledge: Farmers in the region have gained valuable insights into why they should prioritize the planting of biofortified crops. This knowledge can be attributed to awareness campaigns and sensitization initiatives aimed at conveying the crop’s nutritional benefits and its potential to improve their livelihoods.
  5. Seedling Storage for Future Farming Seasons: Most farmers have committed to taking proactive measures by storing sufficient seedlings for the next farming season. This demonstrates a commitment to sustainable farming practices and ensures a continuous supply of biofortified crops.
  6. Collaborative Farming Practices: Farmers have embraced the concept of seedling sharing as a means to support one another and share yields after harvest. This collaborative approach promotes social cohesion and maximizes the benefits of cultivating biofortified crops.
  7. Retailer Record-Keeping: Retailers have initiated record-keeping processes for households purchasing Vitamin A yellow maize. This data-driven approach helps in monitoring market demand and ensures efficient distribution to consumers.

  8. On-Site Processing and Sales: Retailers have started processing Vitamin A yellow maize within the marketplace and selling various maize products. This development not only provides economic opportunities for local businesses but also makes nutritious maize products more accessible to consumers.
  9. Growing Retailer Interest: Some retailers who initially had little knowledge about Vitamin A maize are now eager to get involved due to the crop’s profit potential and market demand. This signifies the increasing attractiveness of the crop within the local market.

Since 1999, we are always thrilled to share our GBF journey with a focus on the impact on women and youths at the base of the financial pyramid. But we are particularly excited to be at the forefront in ending hunger, promoting nutritional diets and creating sustainable livelihoods using agriculture as the vehicle.

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