Teenagers Growing Businesses Club

Over the past 2 years, since its inception, TGBC has successfully held 13 workshops in Lagos, Kaduna and Abuja which have featured notable guest speakers/mentors such as Tonye Cole (CEO/Founder, Sahara Group), Mitch Elegbe (Interswitch CEO/Founder), Doyin Adewola (CEO/Founder, Box Office) etc. TGBC’s activities have impacted well over 300 teenagers directly and at least 1,200 indirectly.

Sustainable Economy and Empowerment

Reports have shown that by 2030, Nigeria will be one of the few countries in the world that has young workers in plentiful supply. Youth, not oil, will be the country’s most valuable resource in the twenty-first century. As the youths form a huge part of the population and a potentially significant part of the economy, emphasis needs to be placed on issues that directly or indirectly affect them.

With the alarming rise in the level of youth unemployment and the ever-widening gap between the rich and the poor, it becomes imperative for efforts geared towards developing this important demography to be intensified. Encouraging entrepreneurship in Nigerians at an early stage increases the chance of success for enterprises in Nigeria’s business space.

The Teenagers Growing Businesses Club is a hub that supports teenagers with business ideas in Nigeria. Young business owners are provided valuable resources and support to ensure sustainable economic development through enterprise creation.

TGBC is an initiative of the Growing Businesses Foundation and is a platform created to bring together teenagers with business ideas in order to discuss their initiatives, provide information on the basics of business and ultimately boost confidence to effect.

The Ultimate Aim

Providing the right foundation for potential entrepreneurs in Nigeria’s business space in order to ensure sustainability and productive output.


  • Business Education
  • Financial Education
  • Creative Interaction
  • Skills for Business Model Development
  • Effective Motivation
  • Guidance and Mentorship


  • To boost self-motivation
  • To provide the right business information
  • To provide guidance through mentorship
  • To encourage independent ideas
  • To teach leadership and self-development
  • To instill money sense
  • To encourage creativity and innovation
  • To encourage solutions creation


  • Teenager aged between 13 – 19 years old
  • Has a healthy interest in business
  • Has a business idea
  • High sense of responsibility
  • Willing to be mentored
  • Able to attend all TGBC sessions
  • Willing to become a mentor to new participants after graduation from the club