Work and Fulfilment Don’t Have to be Mutually Exclusive

As you begin the round up the year’s activities and evaluate your work against your goals, it is important to ask the question “Are you finding fulfilment along this journey?  This   question, as cliché as it may be,    though never overtly eludes that you should not work, personal ambition, material success but to nudge you in the direction of contentment, fulfilment, purpose and creating a lasting impact in your world beyond your immediate sphere.

Recall the time you did hard work, made some else smile but you totally enjoyed it and even felt energized?

I listed out the characteristics and ‘attributes’ I think is fundamental to success at work – and asked myself what were the attributes to fulfilment and creating impact: taking the work at GBF as an example… 

Here is what I came up with…

To be successful at work while still finding fulfilment, you need:

1. A clear vision and a direction

2. Passion and aggressively pursuing the goal or the objective

3. Hard work and commitment: often resulting in ‘stretching’ yourself and bettering yourself on a daily basis. Only when you are better, can you offer better to others.

4. Offer Value

While the rewards from work is important and can give us a sense of accomplishment, they are not the only things that matter in life. Fulfilment, on the other hand, gives sense of purpose and satisfaction that we feel when we’re living in alignment and doing things that make people and even the world better.

One of the best ways to achieve fulfilment is by giving back to others, especially people who may never be able to pay you back. The work we do at Growing Businesses Foundations, helps us kill two birds with one stone. We help people; listen to their story, provide support, offer business advice, take pictures and live better lives. 

When you help others, you’ll feel a sense of purpose and fulfilment that cannot be achieved through material success alone.

 Wishing you success on your journey!


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